1. If you’re poor, homeless, just hungry, or know someone who is, go to a Sikh temple for “langar.” a free meal is served to all the visitors, without distinction of religion, caste, gender, economic status or ethnicity.

2. Set the link for a random Wikipedia article as your browsers home page, every time you open the browser you’ll learn something new.

3. Apply for jobs you think you are capable of performing, not only the jobs in which you perfectly meet the requirements.

4. People want someone to tell them what to do in emergency situations. For example while performing CPR on someone don’t say “Someone call an ambulance” instead talk to one person and ask him/her to call an ambulance directly.

5. If someone that you’ve met before asks about your loved ones in general terms (i.e. how’s your son?), try and include their name in your response. Chances are that they’ve forgotten the name of your loved one but are too embarrassed to ask what it is again

6. When walking behind someone in a dark alley or other vulnerable situation, scuff your feet periodically. The noise will help them determine where you’re located and how far away you are. It can reduce their anxiety about being snuck up on and the perception that you are a threat.

7. If you’re in a pinch and need a rubber grip to loosen something tight, you can always use the back of a mouse pad.

8. if you have a medical bill over $100, before paying online or mailing it in, try calling the billing department to see if they will offer a discount.

9. A deck of cards is a red flag for TSA, because it lights up on x-ray in a way that makes it look suspicious.

10. Chrome allows you to add/edit bookmarks and not use a name/title. You can use this to display just the icons on your bookmarks bar and save space.