Once you get bored and decide to build a table, follow these simple steps:

1. Build a table. Yeah,  it’s nothing special. It’s 6 feet long and made of pine wood. To be honest, I didn’t expect it to even be anything special. It’s not. So I won’t even go into the building process. My skills in wood working are very limited. I used mostly a Kreg Jig, a table saw, and lots of patience.



2. Print a large picture of the world map outline using google image search and rasterbator.net. I put graphite transfer paper underneath, and traced it onto the table.



3. Start to fill in the map with a tiny brush.




4. Stain the rest of it. I applied 7 coats of polyurethane. Sanded in between coats, until I had a nice, smooth finish. I painted the legs and apron black.



By Zending