Emerald Village Eugene (EVE) is a project developed by SquareOne Villages.

 It builds upon the success of Opportunity Village, a transitional micro-housing community for otherwise homeless individuals and couples.

 This next iteration of our village model will provide permanent, accessible and sustainable places for people to call home based on a similar tiny house community concept. 



Local architects and builders are providing in-kind services to lead the design and construction of the tiny homes—allowing for a variety of compact design and construction methods to be demonstrated.

Each of the 22 homes are designed to meet the building codes definition of a “permanent dwelling”— including sleeping and living areas, a kitchenette, and bathroom—all in 160 – 288 square feet.

 The individual dwellings will be supported by common facilities that include a community gathering area, kitchen, laundry, restroom, tool storage, and office.​ 

As a new and innovative approach to affordable housing, Emerald Village is being funded by private donations from members of the surrounding community and grants.  

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve raised over $1 million to make Emerald Village happen.
With construction of the first tiny houses underway, we’re launching a capital campaign to raise the remaining amount needed to reach occupancy.
Push us over over the top by helping us raise an additional $400,000 by the end of September.