2017 has probably been best years of my life. And yeah I haven’t been around the rodeo many times but for the past 4 1/2 years I’ve been very depressed and it was hard to keep my head up it was hard to go about every day life it was hard to live. I guess a little bit of backstory my make this a bit more personal at the end of 2013 I lost my dog to his own disability. He had a slipped disc in his back and my family didn’t know how to care for him but we tried our best and sadly his heart give up. Then in 2014 I thought I am at the love of my life and for a little while it was great it felt like I finally had a purpose and slowly that fire died. Then and 2015 my mother went to prison. And due to a lot of stress I succumbed to a vegetable state for nine months. I spent about 20 hours a day sleeping, it was excruciating to just live life. I couldn’t do much I was almost forced to stay my bed because it was too exhausting to even open my eyes every morning. It was a nightmare. I would say it was probably one of the darkest moments of my life. I rose out of the ashes with a fire in my soul and the desire to live again. I never thought I could come back from it, I never thought that I could get to the point where I finally could convince myself on a daily basis that I was worth it, and I was loved, and that I deserved it.

Well that is a brief summary I may write more if there is interest I have to say that recovery isn’t easy. The road to get here was treacherous, and probably just as hard as not doing anything, but I put my mind to it, and I gave it my all, and I finally got the desire to live. I just want anybody who’s reading this who might personally think “I’m not good enough” or might know somebody who thinks they’re not good enough. To know that you are loved, you are worth it and anything that’s going on right now you will persevere, and you will get through it, you deserve to be happy. I did it and I know everybody on this planet can do it to.

Story by muhfuckinpatriarchy.