The benefits of building a better body stretch far beyond looking good and inflating our egos. Through lifting weights and exercising we are able to improve our lives on more fundamental levels than one. As you begin to see changes in your body you begin to see a different person. This new person you are looking at can do things the old you would have never dreamed possible. After all, if you can change your body you can change your life…

A Better Body Will Improve Your Energy

Two of the most important factors to good health are diet and exercise. If you are a sedentary couch potato how could you ever compete with someone who takes these things seriously? Thankfully, the very same foods that build muscle will promote energy and well being. Additionally, the foods that crush muscle growth also destroy your energy and by eliminating them you will grow physically and energetically. The right foods and exercise will have you shedding excess fat which would further impede energy levels.

Carrying extra weight around comes with unnecessary energy expenditure. For the cherry on top we have the added benefit of improved hormone levels such as testosterone and growth hormone produced by exercise and proper nutrition. These hormones control more functions within the body than one could possibly list but here is a start:

    • Well Being
    • Energy
    • Libido
    • Fat Burning Ability
    • Sleep

A Better Body Demands Respect

Have you ever seen someone in great shape getting bullied? Common sense would say no.

When I was 110 lbs in my freshman year of high school I was an easy target for bullies. Everyday I would be approached by the same bully and uncomfortably be forced to act like I didn’t want to fight him. Even as a non confrontational individual I loathed this bully beyond words. I would have loved to fight him, however, common sense says it would have ended poorly for me.

Eventually I decided to make a change and packed on 40 lbs of lean muscle over the next 18 months. Low and behold my bully problem was gone. I never did fight this individual. Instead, all of a sudden, he wanted to be my friend. This newfound respect was not a one time scenario either. People who had never so much as noticed me one year prior began asking for advice or even to hangout. By simply gaining muscle I went from a nobody to popular.

Nobody is saying this happens to everybody but the truth of the matter is that a good body demands respect. Whether you are 20 lbs underweight or 20 lbs overweight, making a body transformation will not only change the way people look at you, but also how they treat you.

A Better Body Will Improve Your Self Worth

When you look in the mirror do you get a sense of pride or do you question how you ever let yourself get to where you are? Those of us who have spent years forging our body get a surge of energy and pride when we see how far we have come. At the end of the day, if you aren’t happy with who you are, it is highly unlikely that you will ever be happy with what life presents to you.

Your self worth is more critical to your happiness than money. The easiest way to improve it? Build a better body. If you suffer from social anxiety improving your self worth will help it. If you suffer from depression improving your self worth will lessen it. This is not theory, it is reality. I have seen it manifest in my own life on a big scale and you will too.

A Better Body Will Give You A Better Relationship

There are so many people in the world that stick with a poor relationship simply because they lack confidence and self worth. Perhaps they truly believe that they could never find someone better than the person they are currently with. Due to their frail self worth, they allow their partner to walk all over them without an ounce of confidence to push back. Of course this only makes their self worth worse because they have allowed themselves to be put down and treated as less than human.

Nobody on this planet has to stick with someone who doesn’t appreciate them. All you need is confidence and you can find someone who values you as much as you value yourself. Perhaps the quickest way to begin acquiring this confidence is to begin building a better body. If you are single the same applies. You can set your heights higher, you don’t have to settle. As you begin to build a better body two amazing things happen:

      1. More members of the opposite sex exhibit interest
      2. You will gain confidence to make a move

Be the best you can possibly be and you won’t have to settle for less.

A Better Body Will Improve Your Discipline

It is not easy maintaining a physique to be proud of. Long and tireless hours are required to stay at the peak of your physical abilities. You will continually have to eat boring food and find consistent time in your schedule to cook and exercise. While the results are exciting, often times you won’t find the doing part entirely enjoyable. Throw in a poor sleep and a long day at work and you will be begging for a day off some days.

However, rather than take a day off you push through and soon enough you are happy you did. How is this different than any other area of our lives? If you are trying to build a business the discipline you gained from building a better body is entirely transferable. At first you start with nothing besides a small foundation at best. It takes time before you make progress and you are constantly hit with setbacks.

You learn to push through the lows and the lulls. You learn that the days you don’t want to invest your time are just as crucial as the ones you are excited about. With persistence and determination, soon enough you are on top of the world. This same discipline is transferable to any area of your life including your career, and your relationships.

The great news is: You can build a better body and learn these principles if you are 15 or 50.